Our history


The firm was founded in 1950 by Prof. Dott. Germano Villa and has now reached the third generation of professionals belonging to the same family. The objective of the firm is to respond to new market requirements and provide an innovative and personalised consultancy service.


Ever since its foundation, the aim of the firm has been to create an active and organised structure in which representatives of different professions could work together, and the combined skills and experience of accountants, lawyers and employment consultants have allowed us to achieve the highest standards of professional excellence.

Our integrated, multidisciplinary structure means that we can assist our clients in all of principal economic and juridical fields without neglecting the traditional fiduciary client/professional relationship, which is actually strengthened by the support of an organization that valorises the different competences.

All of the professionals working with us share our values.

The basis of our commitment is client care, and our dedication to the same continues to be rewarded by the presence of clients we have been collaborating with for several years.

The individual technical competences of our associates and employees are completed by our search for continuous improvement, thus allowing us to confront company problems with the utmost professionalism.

The trust of our clients is a priority, which is why our approach is one of absolute transparency.

The objective of Studio Villa & Villa e Associati is to offer high-profile services while guaranteeing differentiated and personalised solutions by means of continuous synergies with other professionals and consultancy, auditing, legal and notarial firms.





A state has the right to demand the full payment of taxes when it does not establish them in an exorbitant extent; otherwise penalties may be written in the laws, but they do not respond to the common sense of justice, which rightly condemns not the so-called tax offense, but the barbarity of the excessive taxes and penalties.


Luigi Einaudi, Corriere della Sera, 11.05.1909

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