logo ADT resizedThe Cultural Association of Scuola dei Difensori Tributari brings together different kind of professionals (mostly lawyers, accountants and accounting experts) from all over Italy. They are all passionate, specialists or postgraduate in tax litigation. The idea of ​​founding this Association was born in 2005 between the participants of the first two editions of the Scuola del Difensore Tributario, a part-time master organized by IPSOA and directed by Prof. Cesare Glendi, who is the inspirer, the Master, as well as the honorary President of the Association.


The Association is a tool which allows the partners to continue their studies on the subject of tax litigation, deepening and refining the defensive techniques learned at school in order to apply them daily in the performance of their profession. All of this is possible thanks to the organization of highly qualified seminars for training, studing and updating held by speakers and focused on topics carefully selected by the members themselves; and also thanks to the constant comparison, the professional collaboration and the sharing of case studies among all the members.



A state has the right to demand the full payment of taxes when it does not establish them in an exorbitant extent; otherwise penalties may be written in the laws, but they do not respond to the common sense of justice, which rightly condemns not the so-called tax offense, but the barbarity of the excessive taxes and penalties.


Luigi Einaudi, Corriere della Sera, 11.05.1909

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